Team Buff UK

The paragraph below is a section from the email I sent to to apply for sponsorship and to join Team Buff UK, this explains when I found my purpose, my hunger, my passion for running.

My running history is nothing remarkable up until the early part of 2012 when I heard someone talking about an ultra runner who lived locally and was described as a ‘machine’. Once somebody had explained to me what ultra running was all about, something changed inside me, it felt like I had found my purpose. I met this ’machine’ aka Sarah Gardner Halls at TR24 2012, the look in her eyes said it all. This is what I was looking for in my running, this was the spark that lit the passion.  The transformation to ultra running has been exceptionally tough, but with guidance from several experienced ultra runners I have moved over to the ‘other side’.

For over a year I had 2 big targets to reach, one was to run 100 miles in 24 hours and the other was to be part of Team Buff UK.  Little did I know that within a 3 week time period I would hit both of these targets.  The 2nd of June 2014 started as a normal Monday back at work until I received the email from Sarah at Team Buff UK to confirm my place in the team. 5 days later I have calmed down a bit but feeling strangely nervous about donning ‘the kit’ tomorrow for 10k road race.  It really did feel like I had won the lottery when the box arrived containing my new running kit from Buff, frantically I ripped open the box and was welcomed by so many goodies as well as running shorts,tops etc.

So what does this all mean?  The answer to this question is very straight forward……..pride!!! For the first time ever I called myself an athlete, for the first time ever I have told myself I am a good runner, for the first time ever I have made to the higher levels of running. Here is something I found that sort of sums it all up;

There is a different kind of athlete.

One not content to stand still. They are brave, obsessed and courageous.

You can call them many things but never ordinary.

They push boundaries, stretch limits, challenge everything.

For them, there are no limits.

I no longer question the distance of a run, I no longer question my ability because nothing is beyond my limits.  The only thing that would stop me………is me, and I have allowed myself to run as far as I want too.

Run free, run true


BUFF¬ logo+ FLAT IS BORING horizontal  for Sports line CMYK



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